Low Maintenance Vermicompost Organic Waste Digester

by Team Lets Endorse


The Vermigold vermicomposter is a cutting-edge solution to an ever growing problem of organic waste/wet garbage. It converts organic waste into nutrient-rich vermicompost and liquid fertilizer.The Vermigold vermicomposter is designed to provide continuous processing of organic waste materials using 'in situ' earthworm processing technology based on sound vermiculture principles.The organic waste digesters achieve 90% reduction in waste volume. The on-site waste management system is recognized as the World's Best Practice in handling organic waste streams and provides the best technology solution in its class. The automated in-vessel vermicompost system converts organic waste streams into environment-friendly vermicompost and vermiwash liquid fertilizer that can be used for garden beautification. The on-site waste composter is compact and requires minimal footprint. It has low-operating cost and is a marketable “Green” approach to on-site management of waste by the installation of a solar-powered waste disposal system.


The system overcomes the drawback of traditional vermiculture/composting systems and provides a hassle-free operational experience for end-users. The project can be implemented anywhere where organic waste is generated. It has been successfully implemented in open areas as well as underground basements.


The project reduces the burden on landfills, reduces the carbon footprint that is required for transporting waste to landfills and converts waste into a valuable resource.


The in-vessel system is priced at around 1/3rd the cost of similar systems available globally, it processes waste in 1/3rd the space required by traditional systems.

About Us

Vermigold Ecotech is a cleantech waste management technology company. We design, develop and market innovative products for organic waste composting. The company was formed to specifically address the need for an innovative and technologically sound provider of Environmentally Sound Technologies (EST). Our global award-winning products deliver real benefits to the end user and the environment.

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