On-site organic waste management company

The Vermigold on-site waste management system is a cutting edge solution to an ever growing problem of organic waste/wet garbage. The System is designed to provide continuous processing of organic waste materials using 'in situ' earthworm processing technology based on sound vermiculture principles. Our systems achieve 90% reduction in waste volume and enhance your organization’s marketable commitment towards the environment. Our award winning on-site waste management system is recognised as the World's Best Practice in handling organic waste streams and provides the best technology solution in its class.

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Watch the video of the operations of our system at Hindustan Unilever Ltd office Campus in Mumbai.

The Vermigold On-site Waste Management System consists of

1. Organic Digester
2. Organic Waste Shredder
3. Composting Worms


The Organic Digester is a controlled environment where millions of earthworms are busy working on the organic material. The Digester has been engineered to provide the right earthworm processing environment to do just that - Recycle your Organic waste onsite in a Trouble free and Eco-friendly manner. The Vermigold Tat-G Digester can make a significant impact on the processing of your kitchen and garden waste in combination with cardboard/ carton and paper waste. With a balanced blend of carbon (from cardboard and paper) to nitrogen (from the food waste) the natural composting process is optimised, and accelerated final processing is achieved with specially selected varieties of composting worms.


The Digester is modular and expandable to accommodate larger waste streams as per customer requirement.


The Vermigold Organic Waste Processor is a specially designed shredder cum mixer to shred and mix the organic kitchen, garden, paper and cardboard waste before introducing the waste material in the Organic Digester. It is powered by a 5 HP motor and tackles a wide variety of waste streams with ease. The Digester is assisted by the Waste-Processor to convert the organic waste into suitable pulp to be processed by the composting worms inside the Digester. The Waste-Processor provides high waste shredding capability on minimum footprints




The Digester contains millions of composting worms busy feeding on the waste inside the Digester. The worms can process upto half their body weight in 24 hours and provide a very fast waste to fertilizer conversion period of 7 days.